Toca Life World

Toca Life World

Developer: Toca Boca

Build totally new worlds and you can join in all kinds of interesting activities.


Editor's Review :

Toca Life World is a popular simulation game for kids. If you are a parent, you should definitely try this creative game with your kids. You can build totally new worlds and you can join in all kinds of interesting activities. Additionally, your kids will have the golden opportunity to interact with other 39 adorable characters. There are so many amazing locations for you to explore that you and your kids will fall in love with these locations at the first sight. Besides, you can also raise pets. Basically, you can just do whatever you want in this beautiful world. You and your kids' common goal is to have fun in this wonderful world, there is no need for you to seek out any meaning behind those interesting activities. You can just let your imagination fly and do all kinds of interesting things. The whole content of this game is really healthy. Your kids will not be forced to commit violent crimes or so some bloody things. By playing this game, you and your kids will feel so close to nature. There is not too much materialism. You can fully explore for yourself and your kids can definitely be self-sufficient. There is no need for your kids to dress the character up by following any styles. There is no need for your kids to conform to any standard rules either. But it is very important for you to encourage your kids to truly explore this world. There is no need for you to worry that all the tasks may be too challenging for your kids. The fact is that your kids can make all kinds of awesome dreams come true. In this world, you will have the golden chance to experience new existence during the process of exploring this unbelievable world with your kids. Your kids will be free from any distraction. It is so lovely to see your kids so carefree and happy. In our conventional society, kids are usually required to play all kinds of standard games about different subjects to learn new things. But in this virtual world, your kid can definitely build new games by himself or herself. Typically, our real-life games for children are in vain, because kids refuse to play such educational games or games designed to help kids learn new things. But in this Toca world, your kids will open a new window of opportunity of learning things in new and interesting ways. You can just regard this virtual world as the ideal society in which your kids will be totally free. If your kids have already played other Toca games, your kids can easily complete all the tasks without the knowledge of any background stories. As soon as you enter the world, you will love the relaxing atmosphere and you just cannot resist the temptation to invite your best friends or your best friends' kids to hang out in this amazing world. You can be a hairdresser and you can choose to be a delivery man. Instead of staying inside the house all the time, you can also visit the post office, the theatre, the department store, the hair salon and even the food court. In different places, you will come across totally different surprises. There is no need for you to force your kids to get creative. If your kids have some problems, you can always give some hints, but there is no need for you to get judgmental. By playing this game, your kid will manage to open a new chapter of his or her life. You should allow your kids to daydream in this beautiful world. As you can see, your kid is so excited after he or she successfully completes a certain task. Best of all, this is a perfect game for you to play with your kids when your kids are emotionally broken. This game can momentarily help your kids escape from reality and calm down. Sometimes, it is really hard for you to calm your kid down, especially when your kid's tears streaming down his or her face. But this game will definitely help you calm your kid down. At the beginning, your kid may get perplexed about all these things. But after playing for some time, you will notice that your kid can freely explore this beautiful world. As time goes by, incredible things may happen. You will be amazed at the talent owned by your kids. Over time and with practice, you can see that your kids will manage to successfully interact with all these objects and other characters without making any mistake. Even if your kid makes some minor mistakes, there is no need for you to be ashamed of your kid's behaviors. You should never let your own feelings get in the way. It is time for you to let your kid explore this world and find all the solutions to the problems by himself or herself. Crucially, you have to figure out the strengths and the weaknesses of your kid's thinking patterns by observing your kid's different behaviors in totally different locations, especially those reactions given by your kid when your kid is interacting with other players. The very lack of unnecessary emotions and disturbance from you will make your kid become successful in this wonderful world. While your kid is playing with those amazing objects and exploring different locations, all your kid's senses are alert and alive. Your kid will feel infinite and the ultimate connection with these adorable characters and the exquisite items. Everything in this world makes you feel that you just walk into physical reality. So your kid will have the powerful desire to try all kinds of things that your kid is forbidden to do in the real life. All these things are not necessarily illegal or violent. Sometimes, parents just forbid kids to do these things to protect them. For instance, if your kid is not a old enough, you may forbid your kid to go anywhere near the fire or the power grid. But in this virtual world, your kid can explore the world of cooking freely. It is really fun to cook something delicious with your kid without worrying about any safety concerns. After playing all these mini games and going shopping with other cute characters, your kid will naturally calm down and fully immerse himself or herself into this fantastic world because your kid will put all the emotional expressions into these activities without his or her own consciousness. So there is no need for you to force your kid to have some perfect plans. You can just allow your kid to explore and enjoy this world by following his or her own pace. Maybe your kid is always faced with different and constant struggles while playing other similar games. But all the interesting activities included in this game are all easy and simple to complete. So by playing this game, your kid will feel the fundamental sense of success and oneness!

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