Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Developer: Supercell

Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe.


Editor's Review :

This game is a classic real-time strategy game. While you are fighting against your enemies, you must use your wisdom. At the beginning, you have only two fighters and your king. If you can successfully take down your opponent's fighters, you will win the final victory. Even if you have only two fighters, you can always have confidence in the power and strength owned by your fighters. It would be the best if you can directly kill your opponent's king. In order to end the battle without losing any of your fighters, you should let your knights fight first. Of course, every time when you send your fighter to the battleground, you need to spend some elixir. As the game progresses, you will also earn enough amount of elixir to deal with your enemies. And during the battle, your enemies will not stand put. Actually, you will see the enemy archers will try to shoot your fighters. So you must move as quickly as possible. And you can see that the goblins controlled by your opponent will also rush towards your king and your fighters. So you must always be fully prepared to defend your king. The whole fighting scene is magnificent, especially after you release all the fireballs. If you would like to, you can always invite your best friends to have the battle together. Before you start the battle, you can always choose the perfect fighters to put on your deck. You can notice that different characters are equipped with totally different skills. And your characters can also be upgraded. At first, your characters will be just normal or common fighters. After you upgrade them, your characters can become rare or even epic fighters. If you can successfully upgrade all your characters to the maximum level, you will get the whole charm of this battle. There is no need for you to worry that you may pick the wrong fighter with the wrong skills, because you can always replace your character. Sometimes, you can accept some requests from your friends to have the battle together. It is exciting to have this epic battle with your best friends. As the commander, you can not depend on luck to win the final victory. Actually, you must always use your wits. It would be the best if you can have the perfect plan before you deploy your fighters. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game. On the contrary, you will definitely fall in love with this game and get addicted to the battle, because all the characters are so cute. You can even see the little green goblins who will make all kinds of sounds while they are fighting against the enemy fighters. And while the goblins are running forward, they act so lovely. They cannot run really fast, but they fight bravely. And it is fantastic to destroy your enemies' castles with fireballs. Sometimes, your enemy will send so many goblins to deal with your fighters. But there is no need for you to get panic. You can always come up with some perfect plans to deal with the goblins. It would be the best if you can put your archers behind to shoot all the enemies from a long distance. Your king would be safe if you can successfully get rid of all the running goblins before they come close to your king. You can even see the river flowing in the middle of the battleground. The river is so beautiful. And the water is so clear. The whole environment is fantastic. You can even see flags around. Your enemy usually has the red flag. And you will be represented by the blue flags. You can even see trees around the battleground. From time to time, you will be faced with really gigantic enemies. The hulk is so giant in size that it can literally smash your castle into pieces with his big hand. Your enemy may send dragons who can spew fire balls towards your king. The dragon flying in the sky can be intimidating and all the dragons are quite effective in terms of destroying your castles and your king, but you can never give up until the last second. Anyway, this is a really great game. If you have no other things to do, you can definitely try this game by spending a portion of your time. This real-time strategy game will definitely bring you into a wholly new world in which you will experience the excitement of combat and fighting. You will feel a deep sense of satisfaction if you can successfully lead all the fighters to the final victory and to defend your tower against the attack from your enemies. There are many game modes available. You can always play with some random players; or you can invite your best friends to have the competition together. The battle mechanism is really fun. If your performance is good enough, you will also be rewarded with lots of trophies and chests. Of course, if you lose, you will feel frustrated. But each failure on the battleground will give you another opportunity to learn more about the weakness of your enemy. So if you keep fighting, you will win back all the trophies. The weird thing is that you just want to have another round. Even if you fail, you just cannot resist the temptation to win all those trophies back. Actually, you will be determined to win all the trophies back. At last, you will also get addicted to this game because of those chests. Every time when you win a around, you will get a mysterious chest in which you will find all kinds of precious things, including silver, gold and other awesome things. Overall, this is a perfect game which requires your logical thinking ability, perfect strategy and teamwork. If you are one of the fans of real-time strategy games, you should definitely try this game and you will not regret! You will never feel disappointed. And this game will bring you lots of fun. It can also give you a golden opportunity to make some awesome friends. Unlike other similar games, this game will give you a period of happy time. You will enjoy great excitement. All the tasks included in this game will bring you into a wholly new world. If you can successfully finish all the tricky tasks, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Your whole life will become more colorful with the existence of this fantastic fighting game!

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