Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Developer: tinyBuild

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house.


Editor's Review :

This is an interesting horror game. When you are playing this game, you will always feel that there is always something sinister lurks beneath the harmonious neighborhood. The bright colors and the exaggerated lines cannot hide the truth. At the beginning, you will see this middle-aged neighbor whose name is Peterson, is behaving strangely. You will hear him shout and slam the door of his basement. Your task is to secretly sneak into this house and discover all his secrets. Of course, it is not allowed to invade his house, but you must use your own wisdom to conquer all the dangers. You will notice that this neighbor has no routine. And everything about him is inconsistency. So you must plan beforehand and try to disrupt his mind and distract his attention. From time to time, you will trigger a search. But no matter what may happen, you must always keep calm. And you should always have your ankle and your clothes concealed when this neighbour comes close to you. Even if you just show an inch of your body part, you will be discovered. Sometimes, it seems that this man is looking towards the opposite direction, but you should always tread carefully, otherwise, it is still highly possible for you to get captured. And your opponent is also clever. And he will also take some proactive actions. For instance, he will lay traps near doors that you frequently use. In the meantime, he needs his cameras to block certain pathways. But there is no need for you to worry about these cameras because you can easily clear the path where the cameras are placed. Even if you get caught, there will be no real consequence. You just need to start from the beginning. It is really fun to outwit this intelligent opponent. So you must make a very clever decision, because you need to find that secret. Once you successfully figure out the correct sequence of moving blocks or the right way of of unlocking power switches or of finding the right pipes to tinker with, you will successfully find the final answer. Many of your attempts may be futile, but you should never feel discouraged. The neighbor exists to frustrate your attempts. Besides, getting caught is not that kind of a big deal. You can just keep searching and finding the secrets. Getting reset back to the beginning of the level is actually an effective way of redirecting the neighbor's attention. All the possible unexpected things may make you feel confused. And you will also suffer for a very long period of time. But if you can successfully complete all the puzzles, you will feel so proud of yourself. Anyway, you will love this first-person horror game as you sneak around Mr. Peterson's property without altering him to your presence. You will feel great excitement. And this adventure will bring you into a wholly new world. You need to figure out how to get to your destination by using the objects around in order to successfully find all the secrets. You will use boxes, switches and other items. When you come into Mr. Peterson's house, especially when you are chased by Mr. Peterson, you will hear this dramatic music which is rather traumatic. So you should try your best not to be caught by this psychopath. It is normal for you to get repeatedly spotted and chased down. So sometimes things may become incredibly tiresome, but it is worthwhile for you to explore and discover all the secrets. It is really fun to outwit this evil neighbour. And you should know that there is no alert of any kind. So you must never lower down your guard. Once you are tossed into this world, you will be on your own. Sometimes, you will get some precious hint as to how to proceed. But during most of the time, you must depend on your own intelligence to solve all the puzzles and to discover all the secrets. The good news is that the whole gameplay is so sweet and reliable. You will enjoy the genuine suspense and the horror. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to discover all the secrets happening behind the closed doors. It is exciting to sneak into this house and reveal all the secrets. Besides, your friend, who is just an innocent boy, is locked in this evil neighbor's basement. So you must try to investigate and save this poor boy. As you can see, your neighbor is also weighed down by the secrets that he keep. You will constantly see him smashing through windows and patrolling the garden to prevent anybody from entering his basement. So it is impossible for you to resist the temptation to discover all his dark motives. And this neighbor becomes more menacing because he has this AI programming which allows him to learn about all of your actions. If you enter his house from the same window, you will notice that before long, this window will be boarded up. The security cameras are also terrifying. The worst thing is that Mr. Peterson will also lay dangerous bear traps. Actually, there is no need for you to be too afraid because if you try your best, you will conquer all these challenges and obstacles, which makes you feel that you are just a part of an intricate game of cat and mouse. Once you notice that your neighbor is chasing you, you can just use normal household items to slow your neighbor down. And you should always pay attention to essential items because items like keys can help you get into the important locations. In a word, you will love having this creepy adventure. It seems that the neighbour is evil and clever. But as long as you keep trying, you will eventually conquer this neighbour by using your wisdom. This is a competition of wisdom and intelligence instead of brutal force. But in order to win, you cannot be more careful. After you defeat this evil neighbour, you will feel so happy and you will have a great feeling. So even though you will go through many troubles and struggles, it is definitely worthwhile for you to try this game!

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