Developer: DVloper

Granny will try every means to keep you locked in her spooky house.


Editor's Review :

Granny is a mind-blowing horror game. Welcome to Granny's home. Granny will try every means to keep you locked in her spooky house. Constantly, you will respond Granny's appearance with the total blank look. By playing this game, you will experience completely unconditional horror. You will see the true nature of this old grandma. In this spooky house, you will stumble upon all kinds of weird things. But if you can gather yourself together and keep calm, you will achieve resounding success. Actually, this game is great for you to keep your mental balance in your real life. Maybe you always store all kinds of fear and bad feelings inside you. By playing this game and by experiencing all the jump scares, you can release all the negative energy inside you. When it comes to Granny, you should never underestimate the attacking power of Granny. Granny has the full potential to kill you. Even if Granny is old and Granny is not that kind of energetic and elegant, Granny is totally capable of running really fast and killing you without any hesitation. Your ultimate goal is to successfully get out of this spooky house. During this experience, you will come up with some radical new ideas to deal with Granny and her vicious traps. In this house, you may feel desperate and scared. But once you get out of the house, you will feel that you are a free spirit. In order to successfully get out of this dangerous place, you must always move carefully and you should avoid making any noise. Granny is old, but Granny's hearing is fantastic. Even if you just make the tiniest noise, Granny will find your whereabouts by following the noise. It would be the worst thing for you to drop something onto the floor by accident. If Granny hears your existence, she will come and chase you without stopping. Of course, you can always try your best to save yourself by hiding in the wardrobes or under the bed. But you do not have all the time in the world. You have only five days. It is inevitable for you to get captured by Granny from time to time. But it is unnecessary for you to feel pessimistic. You must believe that you will be smarter than this old grandma. And you will successfully save yourself. As you can see, Granny is a really crazy woman. And she will kill you without using too much strength and efforts. So you must always watch out for any potential dangers in the house. And you should never try to fight against Granny face to face. The best practice is to use your wits and your intelligence. Escaping from this spooky house is really hard. But you can start with the practice mode. After you finish the practice mode, you can handle all the problems that you may come across. In the practice mode, Granny is not home, so it will give you some time to get familiar with this house by following your own pace. After you become experienced enough, you can try the extreme mode, in which Granny moves really fast and you need to unlock all the doors without losing any minute. If you would like to, you can always try that nightmare mode to get the extreme scares. In this mode, everything is drenched in blood. And you will hear all kinds of disgusting noises. In order to beat Granny and successfully get out of this house, you should always keep your awareness. From time to time, you may scream out loud because of all the unexpected jump scares. Once you get accustomed to the atmosphere of this dimly-lit house, you will perform better. And you will eventually fall in love with the mechanics of this game. Every time after you successfully find the tools that you need to open the door or the window, you will feel so excited. It is definitely necessary for you to find all the tools and items that you need to escape from the house. By utilizing all these awesome tools, you will eventually find your way out of this house. You can escape the house by opening the front door or you can just escape by driving the car. Before you successfully escape from this spooky house, you must be patient because it will require a large amount of time for you to successfully collect all the items to open the door and the storage areas. At first, Granny will roam around the house aimlessly while you are busy in finding all the necessary tools to get out of this house. But if you attract the attention of Granny by dropping some item onto the floor, you will be dead. It is really exciting to experience this brief period of panic while holding your breath. Sometimes, you are so scared that you even forget to find some safe place to hide yourself. You just stand there until Granny comes close to you and kill you. But if you can stay calm, you can always hide in the lockers and in the wood boxes. Actually, if you can react really fast and run quick enough, there is a big chance for you to save yourself from being caught by Granny. Of course, if you get caught by Granny, you will feel frustrated. But you can always come up with new methods to get rid of Granny. You can always try some creative means. If you are clever enough, you can successfully get rid of Granny. Sometimes, even if Granny is fully aware that you are in the box, she will instantly lose interest because she can do nothing about you. So if you are not within the vision of Granny, you should always keep quiet, especially when Granny comes close to you. As long as you can keep quiet without making any noise, Granny will keep roaming around the house. Besides, you can always use different traps and weapons to protect yourself. You will have shotguns and tranquilizers. Under most of the circumstances, you can always choose the most effective weapons to remove Granny. Aside from Granny, you will also come across other animals, including the spider. So you can always use your shotgun to kill Granny and all the other potential dangers. But the thing is that you have limited ammunition, which means that you must always aim precisely. At last, there is nothing supernatural about Granny. She is disgusting and bad-tempered, but she is not an immortal ghost. If you can successfully use all the weapons, you will eventually give Granny a nightmare!

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