Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Developer: King

Yummy candies will make you feel that life is sweet and worthwhile.


Editor's Review :

Candy Crush Saga is a really addictive puzzle game. Players around the whole world love this game very much. Even if it is quite simple for you to play this game, you will not stop until you successfully complete all the levels. In the beginning, things are quite simple. But as the game progresses, you will notice that the levels will become harder and harder, but you will not feel frustrated. On the contrary, you will feel so excited to conquer all the challenging levels. Every time you successfully complete a level, your brain will release a certain amount of dopamine which will motivate you to complete more levels. Every time you get a different reward for your wonderful performance, you will feel so great. You will have this tendency to complete one level after another without stopping. Of course, you will fail to complete a certain level, but you will never give up until you successfully conquer this level. It is unbearable for you to be beaten by these disorderly-placed candies. And your efforts will not be wasted. After you successfully conquer the most challenging level by trying many times, you will feel awesome! And all the candies are good-looking. So every time when you come into this world, you will feel totally relaxed. And it is so great to move all the delicious candies with one of your fingers. The beautiful design of these delicious candies will always improve and nurture your spirit. But the thing is that you only have a limited number of lives. So you must try your best to finish the level before you run out of life. While you are playing this wonderful puzzle game, you always feel that you are a true craftsman or a magician who is dedicated to only bringing the good and beautiful into the world. You can let those delicious candies disappear by putting three or more same candidates together. The whole layout of this game is quite simple, but you will see beauty through the design of these delicious candies. And you will have fun by moving all these delicious candies with one of your fingers. There are not too many principles or rules for you to follow. What really distinguishes this game is that the process of playing with all these delicious candies will give you a feeling that transcends utility, perfection, and simplicity. As we all know that the outward appearance of all things reveals their inner spirit. So, every time when these delicious candies come into your eyesight, you always feel a kind of harmony. You will never feel pressure while you are playing this game. If you play this game for a very long time, you will also learn the art of being patient in front of challenging tasks. This game will influence different aspects of your life. You will notice that you will be less stressed in real life. And you will have a better mental quality in front of danger and pressure. But your job well done with these candies is not based upon watching the clock or fighting time. Actually, your wonderful performance mostly depends on your strategic plan. It would be best for you to predict the next three or even four steps. And you should get rid of all your other unnecessary thoughts. If you can truly give yourself to this world of candies, you will have a wonderful performance. And you will manage to complete all the levels without spending too much time. You will always find uncommon grace in the process of moving the candies. There is always something invisible that controls your mind to move the right candy. So, while you are playing this game, you cannot get distracted. And if you want to show your best performance, you should always fully focus on your candies and forget about everything else. If you just follow your instinct to move all your candies, you will become a master. It seems that you are just mechanically moving the candies. But if you are truly into similar puzzle games, you will always manage to bring something new and create beauty into the world in timeless and elegant ways. Of course, candies in real life are made to be eaten. But in this world, all these delicious and beautiful candies should be tasted by you. There is no need for you to do reckless things. You can just think carefully before you move a certain candy. It is obvious that these candies are not useful, but they are so pleasing to your eyes. And all the perfect details make you feel that all these candies are just angels. The most appealing thing about this game is the design of these beautiful candies, which will make you become an optimistic person because every time when you come into this world of delicious candies, you will just forget about all of those unhappy things. All of these yummy candies will make you feel that life is sweet and worthwhile, especially after you successfully complete a level. You will feel a deep sense of satisfaction after you conquer a very challenging level. So, you can just regard this game as a wonderful gift that makes you feel excited and exhilarated. If you are under great pressure in real life, you should definitely play this wonderful puzzle game. While you are playing this game, you can just move slowly and allow yourself to have enough time to think about your next move. This is not an action game. So, there is no need for you to motivate yourself to fight against any enemies. Besides, this game is quite simple and visually stunning. At last, you will feel peace and clarity while you are playing this game. This sense of happiness will always stay with you while you are moving all the candy pieces. In our daily life, we always feel stress. Because of the stress, it is really difficult for us to not think about what we should do in the future or what we can do right now to have a better future. We are always prone to plan things beforehand, which will further damage our mental health. But while you are playing this game, you will just fully focus on the present. You just need to know where you are now. And now you can just quietly play with the delicious candies. It is really hard to describe this sense of serenity and happiness, but you will definitely enjoy it. It is inevitable for you to come across some challenges and you will struggle to conquer a certain level by trying only once, but you will naturally become addicted to this game and you will have lots of fun!

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