Toca Life: Hospital

Toca Life: Hospital

Developer: Toca Boca

If you are a parent, it is definitely worthwhile for you to play this game with your kids.


Editor's Review :

Toca Life Hospital is a great casual game for kids. Actually, this game is of great educational meaning. If you are a parent, it is definitely worthwhile for you to play this game with your kids. By playing this game, your kids will learn all kinds of practical skills of taking care of other people. In the meantime, your kids will also make many awesome friends. This game is what most parents want for their kids. This game can help your kids have a happy childhood. The most important thing is that you and your kids are allowed to join in all kinds of interesting activities. You are free to play with different characters during this process. You can help your kids built relationships with other children. And you will help your kids grow to be passionate and successful adults. Maybe your kids experience some depression disorders and other problems in the real life. While your kids interacting with other cute kids in this game, your kids will become optimistic. All these relaxing activities can definitely help release stress. So even if you are a parent, you can also kill your spare time by playing this wonderful anti-stress game with your kids. Of course, if your kids are younger, your kids will struggle to complete all the tasks. But this game is of great help in terms of keeping the emotional health for kids. Your kids will have the opportunity to observe other kids' behaviors and reactions under different circumstances. It is such a sweet thing to see all the kids stand around the beds of patients and cure all the patients by using different methods. All the activities in this game are really creative and sweet. You can see smiles on your kids' faces after your kids successfully help other people who are in desperate. The smiles on your kids' faces will definitely light up the whole room. By helping other people, your kids will directly know that it is better to give than to receive. And your kids will also begin to hold gratitude for your contributions and sacrifices. And all these realistic experiences are directly teaching your kids to be happy everyday. After successfully completing all the challenging tasks, you will see the excitement on your kids' faces. Sometimes, the tasks may not be easy for your kids to handle. And you will not see exactly the response that you are looking for from your kids. But there is no need for you to get too judgmental. This is the world for your kids to learn new things to live a better life by taking care of other people. So there is no need for you to encourage your kids to be ambitious. In fact, by walking into this loving world, your kids will be instantly hit by the loving atmosphere. Your kids can directly feel the connection with other adorable kids. The most important thing is that this game can greatly help expand the attention span of your kids. Maybe your kids is really poor at focusing on one task for a very long period of time. By taking care of those little babies and other animals, your kids will learn the importance of concentration. And your kids will also learn to pay real attention to important things. Gradually, everything that your kids do in this virtual world will become a routine in your kids' real lives. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to share this meaningful adventure with your kids. Unconsciously, you will be beaming because your kids perform so well. By helping the patients, your kids will understand how their small actions can make this world become a better place. This adventure with all these cute characters will make your kids feel excited. You can see that this world is filled with magic, love and wonder. Your kids will have a wider view of the world. In real life, maybe your kid's life is just restricted to the small neighborhood. But by coming into this world, your kids will have exhilarating feelings through taking care of the babies and other patients. Your kids will have a much more colorful life. You will never know what the future holds for your kids in this virtual world. It is such an interesting thing to pay attention to all your kids' reactions and behaviors while your kids are interacting and communicating with other cute kids or while your kids are taking care of other vulnerable creatures. When your kids finally clicked with some other cute kids, you will notice that your kids just become so excited and so happy. Making an awesome friend in this future world is actually a really special reward. Your kids will feel valued and respected. If your kids manage to successfully complete all the tasks of taking care of the patients and completing all the jobs without making any mistake, your kids will feel a deep sense of satisfaction which will greatly enhance your kids' self-confidence. In the real life, maybe your kids always have the problem of fitting in because your kids are different in some respect or in many respects, which forces your kids to constantly struggle with this feeling of loneliness or alienation. But in this virtual world, there is no need for your kids to work on belonging. No matter what your kids do in this world, they are just perfect. By observing your kids' behaviors, you will also understand what makes your kids different. At last, this game will help your kids to know the significance of all the small things that you ask your kids to do on a regular basis or in a timely way. Maybe in your real life, your kids just take many things for granted. For instance, your kids may refuse to go to bed after the night falls or your kids are reluctant to get up timely. In this virtual world, your kids will know the importance of all the trivial things. By interacting with other friends and cute animals, your kids will also learn to successfully make friends and exchange ideas with other friends. Even if your kids feel threatened or feel bad about something, your kids will know the right way of expressing their feelings. After playing this game, your kids will get rid of all the narrow-mindedness. Your kids will also learn to think of parents' feelings before they do or say things. As a parent, you can also encourage your kids to show the true sides of themselves and to take care of those patients and do the medical operations by coming up with some creative ideas. Eventually, your kids will know that love and health are the most important things for human beings!

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