Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Developer: Imangi Studios

Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love!


Editor's Review :

This is a fantastic Parkour game. While you are running forward in this wonderland, you will feel like that you have wings. You will be amazed at the fantastic scenery around you. You can see the clear water flowing beside you. You will appreciate the beauty of all kinds of trees. It is fantastic to run forward in the dark forest. While you are running forward, you will definitely experience the absolute freedom. The most important thing is that you will forget about all of your other worries and concerns. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to the game because all the obstacles are created in such an amazing way. You will never feel bored. And you just want to run to the end of the world without stopping. Anyway, the experience and the feeling of playing this game are the most important thing, not the score. If you are a collector, you will have a great opportunity to collect different types of masks in this game. This is a really addictive game. You will love the improved graphics and the amazing characters with unique abilities. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game, because in different levels, you will come across new obstacles. It is really fun to run across the forest and perilous cliffs. You will have this great enjoyment. All the details are quite realistic. So while you are playing this game, you will feel that you are actually running in this primitive forest and you will have an immersive gaming experience. Besides, you will love all the environments. It is also exciting to jump and dodge all the dangerous obstacles as you run forward. There is a giant monkey who is always chasing you behind your back. So you must keep running forward without stopping. As for the controls, it is quite simple for you to play this game. You can just swipe left or right to turn, and you can swipe down to slide under the tree roots or swipe upward to jump over the broken bridges and white gaps in the middle of the road. The longer you run, the faster you will get. So this game will be a great challenge of your reaction speed. Things will become more and more difficult. You can not get distracted. Otherwise, it is really hard for you to react on time. Once you make even a minor mistake, you will fail your task and you need to start from the beginning. As you run forward, you will also collect more gold coins. With these gold coins, you can upgrade your character's abilities and unlock other characters, namely Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones or Karma Lee. Every time after you successfully unlock a new character, you will have a wholly new game experience. So you will always have a great motivation to continue your running adventure. The most amazing thing is that each of these characters has his own unique power-up. Besides, you will also see the power meter on the left hand side of the screen. After you collect enough amount of gold coins, you can fill up this power meter, which means that you can activate your character's ability by double tapping the screen. Once you successfully activate the special abilities owned by your character, you will notice that things can be so easy. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to spend some time and energy in filling up your power meter. After you run for a while, you will also see gems. Of course, gems are scattered in different places. It is very important for you to collect enough amount of gems because you can always use and consume some gems to restart your game by reviving your character. Besides, gems can also be used to boost your power-ups. If you would like to, you can also purchase some gems from the store with your real money, but which is not compulsory. You can always be patient and collect enough amount of gems by running longer and faster. At the end of each level, you will feel so refreshed and so relieved. It is impossible for you to feel repetitive because you will always have new objectives in each level. And it is such a satisfying thing to win all the gold coins and gems. Besides, you can also use ropes to slide down the high cliff and use the mine shaft to navigate. Sometimes, the running tracks can become really complex. And you will see so many obstacles in front of you. It is necessary for you to successfully move onto the right track without crashing into dead ends, which requires high degree of concentration. During the whole game, you must open your eyes really wide and keep alert. This game will bring you into a really interesting world. It is impossible for you to stop. Once you start running, the whole environment will become more vibrant and exciting. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to try this exciting Parkour game. It is really fun to see your characters release different special powers. Even if you have no similar experience of playing running games, it is still quite easy for you to pick up the game play. Actually, the graphics are of artistic styles. In this virtual world, you will feel that you just dive into a wonderland. You will see giant snakes and elephants with sharp teeth. You will even see dinosaurs and other exotic monsters in the forest. The maple tree leaves are also so beautiful. Even the whole world is so exquisite. At last, it cannot be avoided for you to come across some obstacles, but you will feel great after you successfully jump over the fire and other giant rocks. You will feel that you are really in this lost city. You can even see the floating clouds around you. And you can even feel the breeze brushing over your face. If you are into Parkour games, you should definitely try this game, because it is really exciting to conquer all the obstacles and run to your final destination!

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