Kick the Buddy: Forever

Kick the Buddy: Forever

Developer: Playgendary

Enjoy upgraded amazing graphics, new interactions with Buddy.


Editor's Review :

This is a great anti-pressure game. This is one of the most enjoyable games. If you love Buddy, you can always have some fun time in this world. It is really relaxing to play with Buddy. You can use different weapons to harm this cute doll. And there is no need for you to worry that this cute doll will get killed or die. You will also not be held responsible for any collateral damages or wound. Of course, in our real life, it is inevitable for us to harbor some negative feelings and emotions towards an evil boss who is always judging us in a negative way or who keeps criticizing our personalities and other personal traits. The bad news is that there is nothing we can do about such kind of bossy leaders in our daily life. But in this virtual world, you can leash out all your true feelings towards these evil leaders and you will feel relieved at the end of each level. It is so exciting to use different tools to deal with Buddy. It will kill you no brain cells to play this game. You can just freely hurt Buddy in whatever way you want. You can use the chainsaw to cut Buddy. While you are are moving the saw on your screen, you will get lots of gold coins. Buddy will also make different sounds while you are using different weapons and tools. So while you are playing this game, you will feel no pressure of any kind. Actually, you will fall in love with this new cool game. And it is just impossible for you to resist the temptation of trying out all the incredible and innovative weapons. You can do all kinds of experiments that you can imagine. You are allowed to blow up things around. And you can also use the atomic weapons to destroy Buddy. It is also fun to dress Buddy up by following your own style. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game within a very short period of time. Besides, the upgraded graphics are amazing. You will have totally new interactions with Buddy. Actually, some weapons are hilarious. It is not that kind of violent. The backgrounds will also vary from level to level. So you just need to enjoy yourself by exploding and shooting, smashing, freezing and tossing Buddy. It is time for you to play as the omnipotent God. Actually, this is a perfect game for you to relieve your stress. It feels so nice to slap the doll and leave all kinds of bad feelings behind. Besides, whenever you feel bored, it is also fun to kick the Buddy to kill your spare time. In our real life, we are forbidden to do violent things or things that may bring damage. But in this world, you have every right to get rid of all those negative feelings by doing all kinds of violent things towards this doll. Even if you are not under any stress, it is also a wonderful thing for you to chill out by kicking Buddy. It is really amazing. You will have some happy time with this adorable and funny puppet. At the moment when you see the box at your doorstep, you will start a new adventure. After you open this box and see the adorable Buddy, you will refuse to stop. If Buddy tries to poke you and make you feel angry, there is no need for you to hold back your anger. You can just kick Buddy in whatever way that you want. By hitting Buddy, you will earn points and gold coins. If you keep hitting and teasing your Buddy in various ways, you will get more rewards. There are tons of tools and weapons available. And you can make different combinations with these weapons to have totally different game experiences. Your Buddy is actually a very sensitive puppet. This doll also has feelings, so your Buddy will not keep quiet. On the contrary, this doll will keep talking to you in an incredibly humorous tone. But if you want to, you can just select a deadly weapon to hurt him. Maybe you are worried that your Buddy will be afraid of these deadly weapons or your Buddy will be scared, but your Buddy will not be frightened at all. So you must make every attempt to hit him and make him show totally different reactions. If you can successfully make him fall flat on the ground, you will earn extra reward. After you play for some time, you can always choose a totally different outfit for your Buddy. And then you will be thrilled to see your puppet dancing after you dress him up, which is an incredibly fun thing to watch. As the game progresses, you will come across many unexpected surprises. Because as you continue playing, you will unlock powerful weapons and amazing characters. At last, this game is totally addictive. And it will keep you engaged for extensive game sessions. You will keep playing this game for hours without stopping. As for the specific skills and controls, it is quite simple for you to play this game. During most of the time, you can complete all the actions by tapping. You will meet no difficulty of any kind while you are exploring the game controls. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to witness the super powers contained in different weapons and have some fun time with your cute Buddy! Buddy you will always be your sweet companion. You can use bombs and other things to bring damage to your Buddy. But Buddy will never be angry with you. After you play with Buddy, you will be in a really good mood. And you just cannot stop playing with daddy. While you are playing with Buddy, you will automatically forget about all of your other worries and concerns. You will just feel so happy. The most important thing is that you can release your pressure and negative energy. If you stop playing this game for a long period of time, you will just miss Buddy. And you cannot resist the temptation to visit Buddy. Another good news is that there is no time limit of any kind. And you will not be required to complete all kinds of tasks. You can just be yourself and show your violent nature. As the game progresses, you can unlock different weapons. So things will always be fresh. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game. You just want to stay in this world and playing with Buddy forever!

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