Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja 2

Developer: Halfbrick Studios

Fruit Ninja 2 brings a fun twist to your favorite fruit slicing action games!


Editor's Review :

This is a super addictive action game. If you are into fast-paced action games, you should definitely try this one because this game will be the solution to your potential psychology problems and give you a chance to release your negative feelings. While you are playing this game, you will always have something interesting to do. Even if you have played the original, you should try this game because this game is totally different. You will have new fruits to slice. And the graphics are upgraded. Instead of focusing on your slicing task, you will have a massive grin on your face while you are playing this game. Besides, there are different game modes available. So you will have a really exciting adventure by cutting all the fruits into chunks. If you can cut more fruits, you will get more points. In different game modes, you will be faced with totally different challenges. In some rounds, you will be required to make sure that all the fruits are cut into pieces before they disappear. In other modes, you have the golden chance to compete against other players from different parts of the world. If you are a new player, you can always slash and cut all the fruits by following your own pace. But if you are an experienced player, you can always equip yourself with special moves. As the game progresses, you will have more fruits to slice and you will have a totally different game experience. The whole game play is awesome. You will get a sense of deep joy by simply cutting all the colorful fruits into pieces. The multiplayer mode is fantastic. In this mode, you can always slice all the fruits into pieces with other players. So if you would like to, you can always invite your friends and other family members to join this fruit-slicing activity. Of course, you can always upgrade your blades to successfully cut all the fruits into pieces without making too much efforts. There are also many awesome power-ups available. If you can become the fruit-slicing master, you can always join in the fruit ninja champion. If your performance is amazing, you can rank really high on the leader board. While you are slicing all the fruits into pieces, there is no need for you to think about anything else. There is no need for you to come up with some strategy to slice all the innocent fruits into pieces. Maybe you just hate organic food. Your main job is to fanatically cut all the colorful fruits into pieces. You will love the engaging matches. If you can successfully defeat other players, you will feel so proud of yourself. If you have already played the original Fruit Ninja, you will like the nostalgic graphics. Besides, the music and the background sounds are also identical to the sounds contained in the original game. There is only one thing for you to avoid, that is, the bomb. You can never touch the bombs. Otherwise, you will fail your task. As for the specific skill, it is very simple for you to play this game. You can slice all the fruits into pieces by only using one of your fingers. But if you would like to, you can always use two fingers to slice more fruits at once. Anyway, if you are one of the lovers of fruit-slicing games, it is definitely worthwhile for you to play this game. There is no need for you to feel pressure. You can also play this game in a casual way. Actually, this game has some deeper meaning. By slicing all the fresh fruits into pieces, you will feel relieved and you will get rid of all the pressure stored in your body. At the end of each success, you will feel happy and pleasant. In your real life, you may always go through much pain and unpleasant moments, but after you play this game, you will feel so refreshed. If you are challenged by many bombs, it would be the best for you to come up with some strategies to effectively slice all the fruits into pieces. In fact, this game is a great distraction. If you are faced with many challenging problems to solve in your real life, you can always get yourself engaged in this amazing world. Maybe during the process of slicing all the fruits into pieces like a real ninja, you will suddenly think of some amazing ideas to solve your problems. There is no need for you to suppress your feelings or your true skills of precisely slicing up all the fruits. Regardless of the mechanical slicing activity, you can always impose your own rules of having fun. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to become stereotypical. You are not required to copy other players' styles. You can always slice all the delicious fruits into pieces by following your own awareness. You will notice that you may undergo some fruit-slicing crisis, especially if you have no former experience of playing similar games. But after you play for some time, you will notice that things are not that kind of terrible. Even if there are so many fruits in front of your eyes, you will manage to slice all these fruits into pieces by avoiding the dangerous bombs. As long as you can maintain your awareness of these fruits, you will realize that you can slice all these fruits on your screen to pieces. It is very important for you not to separate your awareness from your blade. In this world, you should always have this sense of identity, that is to say, you should always remember that you are a true ninja. You are not destined to follow rules. In fact, it is time for you to have fun and create your own fruit-slicing record by playing against the rules. All of your attempts will not be wasted. While you are trying to win the competitions, you may have conflict with other players, but you should always remember that you are the true master. Nothing exists in this world can beat you. At last, even if this is a virtual game, you always have this physical awareness that all the fruits and the blades are so real. Some opponents may bother you to a great extent, but while you are brawling in frustration and rage, you should never stop slicing all the fruits. If you have the great fortune of getting all the amazing power-ups, you will have profound moment of slicing the fruits into pieces and you will have a fantastic experience. In order to defeat your opponent, you should always be determined. Some bombs may keep bothering you while you are trying to slice up all the yummy fruits. But as long as you have confidence in yourself, you will successfully conquer all the bombs and your opponents!

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